Apple 🍏 announces ios 13 at WWDC

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San Francisco, June 3: As expected the next generation Ios 13 at WWDC 2019.  The software will bring the long - awaited dark mode to iphone and other apple 🍏 device as well as improvements in performance among others.

While the new ios bring a ton of cool 😎 new feature to the table, the keytone had a host of announcements ranging from ipadoOS to App store coming to Apple 🍏 watch.

Apple opened its annual developers conference with another seank peek at its upcoming Apple 🍏 TV πŸ“Ί plus video subscription. 

CEO Tim Cook showed a snippet from a new show from Ron Moore, the executive producer of Battle star Galactica . The show for All mankind appears to be an alternative take on the news US Russia space race in which a soviet cosmonaut is the first person to set foot on moon.

The WWDC is a annual rite. This year, however Apple 🍏 is grappling with its biggest challenge since its visionary co-founder Steve jobs, died nearly eight years ago.

Meanwhile, Reuters, citing tow sources, reported that the US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ justice Department has jurisdiction for a potential antitrust probe of Apple 🍏 Inc as part of a broader review of technology companies. 

The justice departmen's  Antitrust Division and Federal Trade commission (FTC) met in recent weeks to give the justice Department the Jurisdiction to undertake a potential antitrust probe of Google, owned by the Alphabet and Apple 🍏 the sources said.