Free Google SEO Tips & Tactics Hindi - 7 Organize Blogs With Tags / Labels
Many people do not consider paying attention to tags / labels while writing a blog, or maybe some bloggers do not know how to use them, the tag is the most important part of your post, tags / labels, your posts are fine on your blog Organizes the same way that folders keep all the files in your computer organized. The related posts can be easily read by clicking on the tag you entered. Therefore, tab management is also an important place to keep your blog organized. For example, I tagged all the articles related to this article by Google seo tips in hindi, now the reader can read all my articles comfortably by simply clicking on Google seo tips in hindi. Therefore, before tagging it, keep in mind that the tag relates to your article otherwise it will prove worthless.

Free Google SEO Tips & Tactics Hindi - 8 Promote Your Blog Right
Blogs also require marketing or promotional propaganda, you know that marketing is important in today's time, you must have seen before any movie releases, actor / artist TV serial, website, poster etc. Do marketing, promote the film by going to reality shows, thereby increasing the curiosity of watching the movie, in the same way, If you promote the blog, there will definitely be a flood of visitors on your blog. This process is called blog promotion. Now the question is, how can it be said, then for blog promotion, you can leave the backlink of your blog as a comment on the blogs of other bloggers. But remembering can be inserted into spam with more long links, as well as keep your comment language confusing. Second promotion by making your account on Social Media Service such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, MySpace, Google Plus +, DeviantArt, LiveJournal, Tagged, Orkut, myLife, Multiply and share your blogs and posts with your friends. Share Third, you can also promote your blog through e-mail and poster pamphlet. Hope you can create a popular Hindi blog with this tips that can make your blog a high traffic blog.

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